The Cubco Fundraising Advantage

• Sell merchandise without stocking it, we produce only what’s ordered.
• Free online store, we provide the URL to the fundraising storefront for your site
• Secure online ordering, we make ordering fast and easy
• Volume discounts, the more products sold
• All at no cost to you!!
• We handle processing payments, inventory, printing, packing, and shipping.
• Need more time? Let us know and we can extend it.

Contact Us Today

• Call Cubco today and ask about our Fundraiser Program.
• A Cubco representative will visit and give you a demonstration of Fundraising Storefront. Our representative will listen to your ideas and assist you to select products you want to include on your Fundraising Storefront.

Stocking the Store

• The hottest clothing styles.
• Latest color trends available.
• Matching promotional items too.

Custom Designs

• We turn your ideas into eye catching designs.
• Designs coordinate with products and colors you select.
• We keep your market in mind (age group and gender)

Pick Your Price

• Based on design colors, number of locations printed, and products selected your Upfront Pricing is calculated. This is our costs.
• We give you the Upfront Pricing and your Quantity Discounts in writing! Then you tell us how much Profit you want to make. Keep in mind higher prices may affect the number of products you sell.
• The Upfront Price + Your Profit = the Item Price on your Fundraising Storefront.

Start Your Store

• When your designs and Fundraising Storefront are ready we give you a Private Access Code to review and check everything for accuracy.
• We make any edits needed and
• You approve it.

Get the Word Out

• The store URL, information cards and store closing reminder cards are provided containing the fundraising storefront web address and store closing deadline.
• Add the URL to your website, facebook, or other social media. Email or text the store URL to your contacts.
• Distribute information cards to students to give to their parents.
• Gain support by getting parents, fans, athletes, and teachers to order items.
• When the store closing date nears, distribute Store Closing Reminder Cards to students to give to their parents.
• Send a store closing reminder email.
• Post a store closing reminder on your social media.

Submit & Profit

• Your products are printed and ready for pickup or delivery in about two weeks plus shipping
• All orders can be presorted for easy distribution
• A fundraising check arrives with your order!

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